Grow in 2015

Grow in 2015

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lightstock_99048_small_user_3896641The start of the New Year is a great time to evaluate life and make some plans to accomplish new goals in the New Year. While shedding a few pounds or taking up a new hobby are both great ideas we shouldn’t over look making some spiritual goals in the New Year. Spiritual growth doesn’t happen by accident, intentional choices and plans must be made if we are going to see real significant growth in our lives this year. So here’s some ideas to help you plan for 2015.

1. Start a Bible Reading Plan

Whether its reading the bible through in a year or reading a chapter a day, make a plan to intentionally read your bible this year. For the christian the Bible is not only our greatest possession it is also our greatest pleasure. It is not something that we should neglect, when we aren’t in the word regularly we drift in our relationship with God, sin creeps in and we start going backwards in our pursuit of Christ. Here are some Bible Reading plan ideas –

MacArthur Daily Bible

ESV Daily Reading Bible Reading Plans

If you attend Fellowship you can make plans to attend our Small Group Bible Study through Colossians on Wednesday Nights starting on January 7th.

2. Make Faithfulness to your Faith Family a Priority

Sports, vacations, sickness, etc all keep us from being as active in our church as we should be. Statistics show us that most people who consider themselves active church members actually attend just over 50% of their churches services every year. Things are going to happen and its probably impossible to make it to church for all 52 Sundays in 2015 but you can be intentional about making church a priority. That certainly starts with being in Worship on Sundays but it also means signing up for a Bible Study, building friendships with other people in your church and making your life center around Christ and your local faith family.

3. Invest in Others

In continuation of #2 not only should we be in church but we should also be serving God and others through our local church. If you aren’t actively pouring yourself into a ministry then make plans to do exactly that in 2015. As Christian’s we weren’t created to simply be poured into and to be served, we are intended to be investing in others and showing Christlike love and compassion by serving others. Decide that 2015 is going to be less about you and more about how you can serve God and others.

Whether its one of these ideas or something else (starting a prayer journal, committing to start honoring God through giving, sharing the gospel with others, or starting a scripture memory program ) make a decision to focus on growing in Christ this year. As you focus on God, ask for His grace and strength to equip you, and His wisdom to guide you it will amaze you to see what God can do in your life in 2015!

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